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Welcome to Bulgarian House, LLC and thank you for stopping by to see our website. The idea for creating the website is to provide unique handmade, hand carved, hand painted products for all customers who cherish handcrafted and religious art.

We offer Religious Icons made in old traditional style, practiced between the third and thirteenth centuries. The icons are made from more than 100 years old walnut, pine, and cherry or beech tree. Also, you can find a small double-sided, even three-sided (Triptych) mini icons and exquisite miniatures.

We want our customers to know that all the products offered on the website have more uniqueness to them; they are made and brought to USA from 8000 miles (12875 km) away, from the small country in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria.

There are more products we offer: carved-wood crosses, carved-wood miniatures and sculptures made from old wood or copper. In addition to the religious products we offer, there are handmade, crocheted linen and silk tablecloths made with size 5 crochet hook. It usually takes a month for the tablecloths to be completed.

We are proud to offer pure Bulgarian rose oil. For more than 300 years, Bulgarian rose oil has been produced. It is internationally recognized as the best rose oils of all, obtained using any method around the world. You will find: 0.18 ounces/0.5 grams and 0.36 ounces/1.0 gram in Wooden Containers, 0.36 ounces/1.0 gram in Copper/Porcelain Container and of course Rose Perfume.
You may wonder who creates this unique art. Our Artists are established ones, internationally recognized and they have been in this business for many years. They have taught a number of students how to paint and the secrets of iconography and mural painting. They have had many exhibitions in Europe, and much of their artwork is owned by private collectors throughout the world.